Allure Beauty FIT TWIN Treatment Review

Allure Beauty FIT TWIN Review

Known best for their eyebrow embroidery treatments, Allure Beauty also offers other facial treatments. I’ve tried most of the Atache range; hence this time round I’ve tried something special from Japan- FIT TWIN!

Here is the function of their products I’ve used in this treatment:

Love one of their bubbly beauty consultant Mango, she was professional in her analysis, she could tell that I had combination skin with just one look. My skin is dull and with pimples scar, hence FIT TWIN is very suitable.

The main objective is to have a brighter skin by removing the dirt and dead skin cells with its Nano level molecule that can penetrates deeply into my skin, at the same time to retain the moisture level.

 The whole treatment is approximately 2 hours long and I was looking forward to relax while she worked her magic on my face. The first few steps are similar as to any other type of facial. The therapist cleansed my face and removed all makeup I had on.

After that, it was the exfoliating part where she used a machine which acts like a vacuum cleaner to clean my skin. It’s so comfortable as it is painless with a bit of suction. Using their softening product, my skin was exfoliated so the essence can be better absorbed after that.

Next, my skin was steamed to open up the pores and prepare for extractions. I must say that while it is very painful due to my big pimples, I was glad to see that it didn’t leave behind any red marks as I would have usually experienced at other salons that do extraction.

Then she proceeded to trim and shape my brows, this is a bonus service by Allure Beauty & I love the thoughtfulness of it.

The last step is to apply Bernard Cassiere Cornflower Eye mask as she saw my dark circle. This Anti-fatigue patches erase the effects of insufficient sleep as it contains a cornflower extract and vitamins to gently awaken my eyes. A yeast extract directly works on the appearance of dark circles and the energy of the eye contour. The amazing texture provides an instant cooling effect that helps smooth the eye area while improving the microcirculation. My puffy eyes were reduced immediately after putting on the mask.

At the same time, I was treated to a shoulder and hand massage and I must say that this is one of the most enjoyable ones.

My face feels clean and refreshed after that. Looking at my bare skin with a bright white light, my skin was clearly rejuvenated and has a natural glow to it.

The massage relaxed me and made my skin feel tauter. Also, besides great results from the facial, I will expect top-notch service from the salon.

Fit Twin Before & AfterEnvironment: 4/5 Place looks clean and well-maintained.

Facilities: 4/5 Despite a modest-setting room, I was not disturbed by noise from the outside.

Treatment: 5/5 Therapist was attentive and answered my questions. I like the result of the facial.

Value for money: 4/5


Established in April 2002, Allure Beauty Saloon is a complete one stop beauty boutique for all your beauty needs from head to toe; making sure all you are always well and professional taken of. Their philosophy has always been to enhance their customers’ physical looks and bring out the natural beauty and confidence in them. 

 Check out their outlets details on their website

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