Bio-Oil “Happy In My Skin – Beyond the skin” campaign

Bio-oil “Happy In My Skin - Beyond the skin” campaign

Bio-Oil launches “Happy In My Skin – Beyond the skin” campaign to encourage conversation embracing self- acceptance through maintaining a healthy state of emotional and mental well-being.

What does it mean to be genuinely “Happy In My Skin”? It is a state of mind that goes beyond the skin surface and stretches to our mental and emotional well-being. Internal well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. Our skin often reflects how we feel inside, and negative emotions tend to have an adverse effect on not only our immune system, but also the condition of our skin. As our skin is the largest organ of our body, it is most susceptible to being impacted by psychological factors. To many of us, the condition of our skin affects how we feel, and vice versa. Therefore, when someone has a skin condition that involves permanent or semi-permanent scarring, it affects their confidence and makes them shy away from public. This second installation of “Happy In My Skin – Beyond the skin” aims to help people define and express a healthy state of emotional as well as mental well-being that goes beyond the skin surface.

As part of the campaign, Bio-Oil invited a panel of experts to share their perspective of what it meant to be “Happy In My Skin – Beyond the skin”. These speakers included Tiffany Wee, an Australian-trained naturopath and nutritionist, who has been treating clients for a host of health conditions for the last 15 years, and Lynn Tham, owner and co-founder of The Fierce-Hearted, a company that is centred on the well-being and recognition of women and mothers. The campaign also showcased a massage demonstration that featured massage tips for both pre-natal and post-natal relaxation using Bio-Oil.

The Bio-Oil team outlines some key tips gathered from the conversations.

bio oil 5Physical, Mental, Emotional Well-being

To achieve true optimal health and vitality, it is just as important to address mental and emotional well-being as well as physical health. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and take care of your skin by using a good skin care regime. Seeking out green spaces and taking time to unplug is also key to ensuring emotional well-being. One example would be that during pregnancy, a woman tends to feel more stressed due to hormonal fluctuations and physical changes in her body. Some ways to combat stress would be to find time to bond with loved ones, sharing with them your concerns, nurturing yourself, and focusing on being involved in activities that make you feel good.


Research shows that the practice of Mindfulness is linked to well-being and stress reduction, as well as increased creativity, productivity, physical health, self-esteem and the quality of interpersonal relationships. The key to practicing Mindfulness is to pay attention to what is happening in the present moment. As we learn to practice Mindfulness, we become kinder and more compassionate toward ourselves, and by extension, others. Most people suffer from what is called “monkey mind”, a state of mind that keeps getting caught up in the past and worrying about the future. This inability to focus on the present is physically and emotionally detrimental. Having the right attitude is about taming the inner critic and becoming more accepting of the current state of things.

bio oil 2Importance of Self-Care

Knowing the importance of self-care is about recognizing the mindset that surrounds the current society, which is that motherhood translates to a loss of self over the well-being of the child, and being a mother translates to having no personal space, time or well-being. As Lynn Tham, owner of The Fierce-Hearted states, “motherhood is not total self-sacrifice”. Self-care is about empowering the self with a voice, and to remember to take time for yourself. It is also paramount to make self-care a priority by eating well, staying hydrated, and using natural products to nourish your skin.

The use of Bio-Oil has also helped to improve appearance of scars and pigmentation. Nielsen has confirmed that, Bio-Oil is the No. 1 selling scar and stretch mark product in Singapore. As such Bio-Oil has received many testimonials on how Bio-Oil has helped improved their skin condition and in turn their skin confidence!

Bio-Oil has been used by pregnant women for over 20 years to reduce the risk of stretch marks forming by keeping the skin well-hydrated and supple.

Contribute and stand for being “Happy In My Skin – Beyond the skin”

Bio-Oil invites the public to join in the conversation through their personal social media accounts with the official hashtag #happyinmyskin2 #biooilsg

Bio-Oil can be found at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores and selected hospitals and is retailing at: Bio-Oil 60ml, S$15.50 / Bio-Oil 125ml, S$25.90 / Bio-Oil 200ml, S$35.90

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